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Nov 11, 2012 8:30pm PST
on the afc side would go through houston. >> cris: big questions for the chicago bears next week, will jay cutler be around? the backup quarterback thing for the bears is just not working out. caleb hanie and now jason campbell not getting production if jay cutler is not in there. >> al: only thing that works for their benefit is extra day since they have the monday night game next week in san francisco. so this one is over. not a work of art, but it didn't figure to be under these conditions with the rain and the wind and all of the rest. the texans go home with a win. 13-6. the wendy's postgame report is next. . >>> the texans leave soggy chicago with a win and go to 8-1 and drop the bears to 7-2. the players the game the former bear danieal manning who forced a fumble and had a pick tonight. arian foster, 29 carries for 102 yards and he caught a pass for the game's lone touchdown. 13-6 texans. fosten ar and manning with mich. >> michele: arian, we were looking at the conditions but what was it like playing in these conditions? >> this field is pretty bad but everybody was in it so you h
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm PST
houston. why he had second thoughts about giving her eulogy. ♪ i will always love you ♪ ,, (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. san jose has ended in a shootout. police have established a comm >>> and we have breaking news. a police chase in san jose has ended in a shoot-out. police have established a command post on daytona drive. this all started when officers spotted a car wanted in several robberies. it turned into a chase that ended with the suspects firing at the officers in east san jose. one officer was slightly injured. he was hit by either gunfire or flying glass. the suspects are still on the loose and police are still looking for them. we'll keep you posted. >>> they're calling it the bust of a lifetime, but a bay area police officer had to ditch his wife at her own birthday dinner to make it. the oakland police officer, ernesto leyva, wa
Nov 11, 2012 6:30pm EST
kick in the you know what. houston will roll on next. >>> all right, ravens don't lose at home unlike the redskins who only won one game at the last year and a half. baltimore, 14 for their last 14 at mmt bank stadium. i'll tell you what, this is what you would expect from oakland. falling over themselves on 4th down. and then the interception by paul krueger and it was all baltimore from there. ray rice the seven yarder. they took that for their career. and smith, look out going deep. 67 yards for him. making it 34-10. on it was 21-17 and the ravens with a fake field goal? wow, that was the topic of conversation. and he scores on the seven yarder there. and then to jones. he's got legs and he knows how to use them. a great kick off return. franchise record for55 points. but for the ravens, they will win 55 to 20. >> on the offense you always want to score. that's the ball. we're able to score those touchdowns. and that's how you end up having a huge game. so we need to continue to play like this. this is great football. that is as close as 60 minutes as a team that we will need to pl
Nov 17, 2012 1:35am PST
houston. why he had ,,,, for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. san jose has ended in a shootout. police have established a co >>> and we have breaking news. a police chase in san jose has ended in a shoot-out. police have established a command post on daytona drive. this all started
Nov 1, 2012 11:35pm PDT
watcher in houston and she says witnessing things that disturbed her. >> we recognize, there's -- something's not quite right. >> reporter: they are doing a community service, they say, by making sure there's no voter fraud. >> right. just the poor black neighborhoods, right? everybody else is clean. you know, we're the dirty people, we're the fraudulent folks. >> reporter: she smells a rat. she feels like she's being targeted because she's black. >> teresa has nothing to worry about. our citizens going into this race blind. >> reporter: you are not in any way directly targeting these communities? >> no, absolutely not. i mean, this is literally nothing more than citizens doing what is legal little allowed, what anyone can do, in an effort to better our overall process. and there's nothing more to it than that. >> reporter: she insists her group is nonpartisan, just as the videos claim. >> true the vote is a nonpartisan initiative developed by citizens for citizens. >> reporter: you run a tea party group. >> right. >> reporter: your organization has been recently shown to hav
Nov 5, 2012 4:00am PST
minneapolis, omaha, kansas city and st. louis. roads will be wet at times from houston and norman. >>> and if you're flying today just a few cities to watch out for. airport delays possible in houston and new orleans. >>> and we turn now to pittsburgh where a day at the zoo turned to absolute tragedy. >> and it happened at an exhibit of wolf-like animals called painted dogs. a 2-year-old child fell over a railing dropping 15 feet into a pen. a pack of dogs then attacked. zookeepers rushed in luring animals away, but they had to shoot and kill one who did not back off. >> as we were passing the tigers, we went up towards -- we could hear screaming over the hillside saying "stay away, stay away." >> it was all over within 15 minutes. zookeepers could not save the child's life. >>> well, the atlanta police department is in mourning after two officers were killed in a helicopter crash over the weekend. the lawmen were searching for a missing 9-year-old saturday night when their chopper hit the top of the power pole and crashed the ground. the missing child was later found safe. >>> an
Nov 25, 2012 6:30pm PST
, checking airports all around the country. a chance of thundershowers in houston. going to warm things up there. 84 degrees, otherwise, cool, dry in denver, chicago, and over at new york city. forecast around northern california, we are seeing dry skies, like i said, if for tomorrow to start off the workweek. plenty of sunshine, lake tahoe, highs in the 50s to low 60s, here is your forecast. seven-day forecast around the bay. monday, tuesday, kind of a similar story, the temperature wise, staying dry until wednesday with the low pressure system entering the bay area. more showers into thursday. then, a second storm system heading our way on friday into saturday making it it a wet coming weekend. that is a check of your seven day forecast. here is dennis with a look at the world of sports. >> okay. can carson palmer return to cincinnati. next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the only difference?? jim harbaigh chose 2nd-year quarterback colin kaepernics the 49ers new star >>> today's 49er game was a rematch against the saints. the only difference, jim ha are rbough chose the second as the starting quar
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
ya se jugaron los partidos de ida de las finales de conferencias, ayer en houston por el este, el dynamo de local marco la diferencia para derrotar 3-1 al dc united, abrio el marcador el juvenil nick deleÓn a los 27minutos para los capitalinos, pero fue todo porque desde el minuto 57 el dynamo marcolos goles del triunfo andrew hainault, a los 68, anotacion de la ventaja por medio de will bruin y ya para conzolidar la victoria aparecio kofi sarkodie. un 3-1 muy importanter para houston dynamo que viajara el proximo fin de semana a washington para enfrentar el domingo a las 4 de la tarde a un dc united herido pero no de muerte. ese partido sera en el estadio robert. f. kennedy. por la conferencia del oeste, en el home depot de los angeles, el galaxy sin problemas logro una buena victoria 3-0 sobre seattle sounders de, los goles fueron anotados por robbie keane a los 45 minutos, aumento mike magee a los 64 mostrando la superioridad galactica y tres minutos mas tarde volvio robbie keane para el definitivo 3-0 con que galaxy gana el partido de ida y viajara el fin de semana a seattl
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm EST
on the houston dine mynamo. big crowd packed the irish whiskey bar. the team's first trip to the eastern conference final since 2006, and i think fans are just a little bit excited. >> if you look around at this crowd right now, the city is ready to go. the boys are ready to go. we're looking for a win. we cup to stay in d.c. >> we have the best team and they deserve to win tonight. they deserve the cup. i wish i could be at the game live, but since i can't, i'm here with the best supporters ever. >> it sounds like they are at the game. the two teams square off again next weekend. the team that scores the most goals beten the two games moves to the championship. >>> to the weather now, big dose of winter being handed to our neighbors to the north. heavy snow has been falling across parts of canada for days. today's residents in manitoba and ontario getting hit with snow and freezing rain. up to a foot of snow expected to fall in some parts of western canada by the end of the weekend. why am i telling people this? that's your job? >> winter comes early and stays late in canada, doesn't it
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
will hear from them. it was the running of the bulls in the mlf. bring on the finals. houston, you may have a problem. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actuallyly, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> let's starboard soccer. d.c. united has advanced to the easter conrn finals. the red bulls had the first real opportunity on the penalty kick. scored but no gold. -- goal. and made the save. a huge call. dc rallied. inside they go. and he scores, the game winner. and dc united will play houston sunday in the conference finals. let's go to state football. less than a minute to play. looks, throws, he is off to the races, 39 yards. 28-22, florida state wins it. our record in -- a heartbreaker in blacksburg. the terps had the two position. the guy who was the key to the season is the big fella from the ukraine. the seventh water. he has gotten
Nov 9, 2012 4:30am EST
college park. >> let's head to sports. houston may have a problem with d.c. united. >> our local team advanced after defeating new york. a goal in the 88th minute to secure the 1-0 victory. they will play houston on sunday. thursday night football last night, the indianapolis colts beat the jaguars. luck with two touchdowns on the ground. the jaguars are 1-8 and the worst team this year. >> 41 degrees outside. >> more health problems for dancing iwth the stars. >> gangum style making headlines again. >> hopefully it will warm up a little bit. >> good morning. it will warm up a little bit. this weekend he will feel a big difference. it is great to see the sunshine. did you see the moon and this morning? it was so beautiful and big it. i think that is what we are looking at there on the roof cam as we have a nice career start. 44 at reagan national and 39 at dulles. we just jumped up another degree in frederick. your temperature in fredericksburg this morning is 36 degrees. take a look at our averages. the average high is 61 and low is 43. we were shy of that yesterday with 56 and 40. i
Nov 11, 2012 11:35pm EST
flew to houston, got up before sunday morning to be among the passengers on the very first north american airplane flight of the dream liner. >> i hope it flies. >> it definitely flies. the 787 is revolutionary. it's the first airliner made of composite materials making it more fuel efficient. it's pressure rised to a lower altitude and it's completely state of the art. united the first u.s. carrier and they are betting big on the new planes buying 50 of thefment >> you'll see this airplane flying out of chicago, out of new york, out of dulles, houston, san francisco l.a., denver. >> what do you think sflr it's beautiful. >> a few things you'll notice when you get on the airplane. one, it is super quiet. two, i'm standing under the overhead bin and there is plenty of room. the windows bring a whole lot more light into the airplane. and the bathroom is fully automated. >> i really want to play with it which i will be doing much the entire flight. >> you can't blame them. the windows are bigger and darken at the touch of a button. >> surrea
Nov 4, 2012 6:30pm PST
abur rieron. >>> el mariscal de campo lanzÓ para 288 yardas y con esf partido houston tiene 7 partidos ganados. >>> en otro partido los indianapolis colts ganaron. quinta victoria para ellos. >>> en la nba smith metiÓ cÚatro triples y los nknicks tienen 2 victosrias ya. >>> y univisiÓn tiene todo preparado para la cobertura de la elecciÓn del martes. >>> y con esfo y mas regresamos. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> aquÍ detrÁs de bambalinas estamos trabajando para brindarles una gran cobertura el martes en las elecciÓn. aquÍ una muestra. >>> las horas estÁn contadas en los corredores de univisiÓn, para brindar cobertura de las elecciones del martes. nuestros corresponsales ya se encuentran viajando para brindar cobertura desde estados claves. >>> tenemos una pantalla interactiva donde vemos como van los candidatos, no solo presidenciales sino del congreso y los demÁs. >>> hay grandes animaciones en 3 dimensiÓn. >>> las gobernaturas, las coberturas de los distritos, todo estarÁ cubierto. >>> estaremos registrando todas ellos experiencias de los votantes. >>> entonces tendremos
Nov 26, 2012 4:00am PST
houston to jackson, mississippi. showers and thunderstorms around new orleans, little rock, memphis and louisville. a chilly morning in daytona beach, jacksonville and tallahassee. lake-effect snow in michigan and update new york. >> mostly 30s in the midwest. 17 in fargo, 20 in minimal police. 70s in miami. >>> coming up, new york's transit system is still not 100% but commuters will see a big change today. >>> and cyber monday, millions of us logging on today and crooks will be, too. cybergangs. that's the new threat online but there are some ways we'll tell you about to protect yourself. >>> and taking it all over, a big show of selflessness from two nfl cheerleaders. >>> welcome back, everyone. as we mentioned earlier, the big weekend for shopping isn't over yet. today is cyber monday which has been the biggest day for online sales. but shoppers already put a record friday with more than $1 billion in purchases online. still comscore is predicting online sales of another 1.5 billion, with a 20% increase over last year. >>> and use of mobile devices was up for shopping this weeke
Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
this sunday for the second leg of the mls eastern conference finals. they fell short in houston last sunday and in order to advance to the finals, united needs to score at least two more goals than houston. kickoff is set for 4:00 p.m. at rfk stadium. >>> there's been a lot of attention on affairs this week, right. and coming up in today's ask allison, i'll weigh in on one man's dilemma. his best friend is involved with a married man. >> first, a shooting range under fire. the decision to use live people at targets. we'll explain that after the break. it's 9:24.       >>> it's the idea of target practice taken to the next level thanks to one florida gun range. customers engage in simulated shooting against real people. they use real guns to shoot, but they do not use live ammunition. instead, customers are given bullets similar to those used in paint ball guns. the owner of the gun range says most people come for fun, but they are seeing more women come to practice protecting themselves. >> perhaps it's like, as opposed to a cardboard thing at the end, it's real situati
Nov 4, 2012 11:30am PST
is good. my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> houston, waikiki, washington, d.c. they sound like great vacation destinations and all these places have received star treatment. that's because the president stayed in these places, and you can, too. we started with a hotel in the epicenter of all things political: the madison in washington, d.c. >> the madison is named for james madisomadison, the fourth president of the u.s. the father of the constitution has also hosted some presidents. george bush stayed there when he was in transition to the white house, so, you know, it's got lots and lots of history going on there. it's also a prime position in d.c. only five blocks from the white house. jfk attended the opening in 1963. it costs about $179 a night. >> let's go west coast now. san francisco. what president has stayed at the fairmont hotel there? >> the first fairmont was opened in 1906 and it's on knob hill so it's a prime, prime position. it's actually where the u.n. was drafted in 1945. lots of history there, too. while you're in san francisco, make sure you take a tram, go across
Nov 25, 2012 11:30am PST
stevens and you're heading back to houston. >> no, dallas. >> sorry about that. what did you expect when you got to the airport today? >> we thought we would be delayed. we got here at 2:00. our flight is at 3:30 and we could hop on right now. >> reporter: were you surprised to see this? >> yes. >> in fact, you were telling me you left on tuesday to get -- >> to get ahead of the traffic, and we didn't have any traffic on tuesday and it's been fairly unevent ful. >> reporter: terrific. we hope the rest of the trip works out the same way. thank you very much, indeed. of course, i'm reminding everyone to try to get to the airport at least an hour and a half ahead of time just in case there are lines. you can always change, fredricka, as everybody tries to squeeze what time they have left on this holiday weekend. >> what about the airlines? any potential headaches out there? >> reporter: you know, when things run smoothly it's good for business. so despite higher fuel costs, remember, if there are backups, that could be a problem. if they have to change planes, this kind of thing, or weather
FOX News
Nov 29, 2012 8:00am PST
.s. president george h.w. bush is in methodist hospital in houston right now. in fact, ktrk television in houston is reporting that he has actually been there for six days to be treated for bronchitis. we're told the bronchitis has been handled but he has a lingering cough. george h.w. bush was born june 1924. if i am doing my math correctly it means he is 88 years old now. there of course his wife, former first lady bash a bush. he is always very vigorous. remember him parachuting i believe it was his 80th birthday. he was the youngest aviator in the u.s. navy back during world war ii. george h.w. bush, being treated for bronchitis at a houston hospital now. we certainly wish him a speedy recovery. jenna: more on all that breaking news as we get it. in the meantime some new information on, well, an out of this world discovery. rick is live in our new york city newsroom discovery. >> reporter: out of that world is a little bit of an understatement, jenna. scientists are excited about a new finding because it is a new way to think about black holes. we'll talk about exactly what they ar
Nov 20, 2012 4:00am PST
for the los angeles galaxy next month when they face houston for the mls championship. the 37-year-old is not retiring but he's not yet quite announced where he plans to play next. bill will take your spot. not to worry. >>> in entertainment headlines, lindsay lohan may be headed back to jail. stop me if you've heard this before. the 26-year-old actress will reportedly be charged with lying to police after she slammed her porsche into an 18-wheeler back in june. lohan claimed she wasn't behind the wheel but officials say otherwise, which may lead to her probation being revoked. so it doesn't end. >>> seven of barbara walters' most fascinating people of 2012 have been unveiled. and, no, sorry everyone, lindsay lohan is not one of them. some of the choices aren't too surprising like olympian gabby douglas. governor chris christie we showed you before. plus others are raising some eyebrows like british boy band, one direction. not really the demo you think. maybe she's going after a different demographic, a certain one. you know the one. >>> speaking of getting beaten up for the sake
Nov 4, 2012 8:30pm PST
, houston at chicago. the first thing i thought about they never play each other and only met twice since the texans in the league in 2000. you go what kind of a game is that going to be? now we have two teams 7-1, the bears with that crazy defense. this is going to be something next week. >> cris: it's remarkable to watch the bears play defense. they are scoring defensively at a rate we have never seen in the national football league. two more return touchdowns and they will have tied an nfl record and we're sitting there at the halfway point. now they have to go up against an excellent offense. matt schaub winning 10 of last 11 games and arian foster. so many weapons on that houston team. it's going to be a classic. >> al: we go to the long john portion of our schedule. >> cris: we do, indeed! break them out, baby. >> al: next week we will be in chicago. the texans against the bears on "sunday night football." here tonight, atlanta beats dallas by a score of 19-13. al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. the whole crew saying good night from the georgia dome in atlanta. .
Nov 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
on espn. the winner advances. eastern conference semis. houston and kansas city. kansas city had not lost in three months. houston up 1-nil. bruin doesn't miss and dine knows win it, 2-nil. >> nascar in the lone star state. five laps to go, 55 car spins. top two in the points, jimmie johnson, brad keselowski in the race. final restart, johnson takes the lead, doesn't look back, the overall points leader by seven with two races remaining. >> senior pga tour. tom layman the first player to win in two straight hours. layman, a one-stroke lead. look at this short. makes birdie. then two putts on 18. 5-under 65. breaks the tournament record for lowest score. 440 grand for the win, million dollar annuity for the cup, which returns to harding park next year. >> mls playoff with soccers and your plays of the day. >> ama: an unusual use for a lot of spare change. >> me tonight at 9:00 on cable 1. i'll tell you how scientist created self-healing concrete which could revolutionize road and building construction. at 11:00 here on abc. take a trip to paris for free. the travel secrets you need to know
Nov 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
from a warehouse in houston, texas. the guy kind of climbing down dangerously from the roof of this warehouse. according to the sheriffs department in houston. this is a metal piece. you pick up this giant piece of equipment. it's a giant industrial air conditioner. people are going on top of these warehouses and pushing the air conditioner units off the top of the roof of these buildings. and then they're stealing the metal coils that are in it. stealing the scrap metal, all the metal in these air conditioning units. >> people are going for the copper and reselling it at salvage yards to get the money. a lot of people think it's related to drugs. >> the u.s. department of energy estimates this costs the u.s. economy around $1 billion per year. texas is the number two state for having to deal with the problem. they take anything from the coils from lights at a high school stadium to off the air conditioner at a church. they don't care who it is. they just want the metal for the money. >> these units are anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000, so it's costing them a ton of money to
Nov 25, 2012 5:30pm PST
the country. there is a chance of thunderstorms in the houston area. hot there, as well. temperatures in the middle 80s, cool, staying dry in denver, chicago and new york city. tomorrow's skies plenty of 50s and 60s in yosemite. here is a look at the forecast over the next seven-days. showers it continuing into thursday. then, we have a second storm system hitting the bay area on friday night into saturday. and continuing,the entire rest of the next weekend. so, we are talking moderate rain. looks like the north bay will be hit the hardest. localized tphraoling it is definitely a possibility. could be one of the real significant storms of the season. >> we have not seen that in a long time. >> we haven't. >> all righty, thank you very much. >> so, where does the stpraoeupber controversy stand now. -- where does the call of controversy stand now? ,,,,,, you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa l
Nov 25, 2012 9:00pm PST
the whistle had blown. it said bengals ball, ridiculous. false play on cincinnati but houston throws dalton to the ground. houston and kelly were both ejected. raiders lose their fourth straight 34-10 that final. >> let's switch gears, hoops, championship game with the direct tv classic. alan crab led the team with 28 points. here is the foul puts them up 16-8. justin cobb, 20 solid points. final six minutes here a one-handed slam, cal winnings big off to the great started. >> st. mary's facing georgia tech. tech had eleven 3 pointers. gales turn the ball over 21 times. georgia tech takes third place in the tournament. >>> south ranked stanford women hosting long beach state. feinth the bottom of the net for 3. stanford is now 6-0 with a dominating 77-41 victory. >> hand us the game or hand us the win. we are fighting and doing everything we can to get it. it mots motivates us. our starting growing bigger and big weernd want to keep it there. >> coming up at 11:00, your plays of day. we'll see you then. >> ama: still to come. a clash at the box office. who came out on top. we'll find >>> sh
Nov 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
teams are 5-6. lions lost their 9th straight thanksgiving game today, hosting houston. justin forsett. they thought he was done but nobody blows a whistle so he runs for the touchdown. the coach threw a red flag to challenge the call but it is not a challengeable play but he isn't down. both teams missed field goals in over time. texans get a second chance. sneaking in a 32-yarder. houston wins. st. mary's men beats drexel. that is sports for this thanksgiving day. >> thank you. >>> the martinez rover made a -- the mars rover made a big discovery. a nasa scientists says the find is for the history books. the rover made the discovery. it examines the soil for water and other evidence of life. nasa could release the details as soon as two weeks from now. into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small.
Nov 4, 2012 11:30pm EST
looked at, okay, november 11th, houston at chicago. the first thing i thought about they never play each other and only met twice since the texans in the league in 2000. you go what kind of a game is that going to be? now we have two teams 7-1, the bears with that crazy defense. this is going to be something next week. >> cris: it's remarkable to watch the bears play defense. they are scoring defensively at a rate we have never seen in the national football league. two more return touchdowns and they will have tied an nfl record and we're sitting there at the halfway point. now they have to go up against an excellent offense. matt schaub winning 10 of last 11 games and arian foster. so many weapons on that houston team. it's going to be a classic. >> al: we go to the long john portion of our schedule. >> cris: we do, indeed! break them out, baby. >> al: next week we will be in chicago. the texans against the bears on "sunday night football." here tonight, atlanta beats dallas by a score of 19-13. al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. the whole crew saying good night from
Nov 4, 2012 6:30pm EST
houston con el mejor record de la afc se encontraron con buffalo, con 268 yardas para el mariscal y llevaron una victoria 21 a 9, houston tiene 9 ganados y 1 derrota >> hubo una tarde espectacular lanzando para 433 yardas para lanzar a los 2 a la victoria 20 a 33. >> mientras consiguieron su quinta victoria >> en los pisos de la nba, los knicks de nueva york vencieron a los sixers de philadelphia, carmelo anthony fue el mejor de los knicks, tienen 2 victorias en 2 partidos >> antes de despedirme, giovanni dos santos entró de cambios en el aprtido en que su equipo perdió >> muchas gracias más adelante tendremos más deportes >> univisión tiene todo preparado para la cobertura de las historicas elecciones presidenciales >> se usa una forma poco cientifica para ver quien sera el nuevo inquilino de la casa blanca. amigos, para votar, es importante comparar los planes de los candidatos a la presidencia. ya hemos tenido cuatro años del plan obama. ¿están mejor hoy que antes? por eso, los invitamos a conocer el plan de mitt romney en, donde verán los pasos de ro
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
odds against them. houston is unbeaten at home. 27th minute. with the speed break away bad angle still hits the post and then puts it away. doesn't get prettier than that. but 51st minute this happens. a break away and andre just cleans it up off the cross. game's tied up at 1. then the fourth goal in four games. houston is unbeaten at home. goes on to win 3-1. united will have to win at home next wednesday to tie the series. >> the redskins were off today but the show went off. tony romo era the cowboys are known for giving up fourth quarter leads or just failing to close but today the tables turned as the cowboys scored two touchdown returns in a minute. the big story was michael vick. he suffered a concussion. two consecutive hits. the biggest coming from jay rat live. vick went straight to the bench recovering. his backup actually came in and stood strong for a while. up until this. brandon car came up huge with the interception and look at him go. no one's even near him. returns it for the touchdown 47 yards eagle have now lost five straight
Nov 12, 2012 4:30am EST
. a big problem for d.c. united in the eastern conference finals. >> houston dynamo stays unbeaten on the season. they won 3-1. because of the aggregate scoring d.c. has to score three goals sunday to tie that series. nascar fans might have thought they were watching wrestling. the brawl at that race stemmed from that jeff guard intentionally wrecking clint bowyer. off the track it got ugly. after guard put bowyer in the wall he steered his scarcar in the garage and his team was waiting. bowyer tried to get involved but when you go spring being out of your car people tend to notice and he was held become. kevin harvick won. he admitted he didn't have problems with the fight. 4:57 and things are calmer on "sunday night football." houston and chicago bears had enough to deal with from mother nature. now look at this. they had to play through rain as the texans won 13-6. jay cutler left the game with a concussion. the eagles q.b. michael vick also suffered a concussion in their loss to the cowboys and the saints handed the factuals their first season loss. >> somethin
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
know, have great believe in these guys and we can do that. >> d.c. united lost to the houston dynamo last sunday, 3-1 and the first leg of the eastern conference finals. this sunday to advance to the mls cup the first time in eight years, they must score two goals, maybe more if houston scores. if they can do that, overtime would follow and a pk tiebreaker to decide who advances to the championship. >> they need to score goals and there is a little bit of a different mindset going into this game and it's still a soccer game and we're confident in our ability to win games by two goals. at home. we started that before. >> and united has not lost at home since their season opener. brian, that is a wrap on sports. >> all right, lindsay, let's go to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. >>> we're still following a developing story out of prince georges county tonight. two police officers suspended for making a racially charged video. we're about to get the latest from the department and we'll have an update at 10. >>> also ahead, information of parents and teenagers need to h
Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
to be if we have a late night tonight and don't know what is going on in ohio? >> the name is don houston. i have said it before, the new catherine harris, the republican electd secretary of state, support out 7 million applications for requests, absentee ballots and were never gone before. s long and short of it, tom, there are 300,000, at least, provisional ballots that can't be counted by law in ohio. they have to wait 10 days. i don't see in a tight race how we will know what happened in ohio, really, the key to the election until those votes are counted. >> something unusual happened to this campaign, and i still call it a campaign. mitt romney and paul ryan were still out there on the trail today. and we saw mit ryan touch down in pittsburgh. what does it tell you this late in the game, you know, during the game that mitt romney is taking time out to go to western pennsylvania? >> well, the fact of the matter is, just saw david plough, the top political organizer for obama said, look, i don't know why they're going to pennsylvania. they have to win 2/3 of the independent -- independenc
Nov 6, 2012 6:30pm EST
's check in with karen gray houston live in burke, virginia, now with more. karen. having problems with karen, obviously. the election in d.c. includes votes on who will chair the city council and three very high-profile amendments. let's try matt ackland live in mckinley tech high school in northeast. matt? >> reporter: i talked to the board of elections not too long ago. they said everything was looking good. there were complaints about the electronic voting machines throughout the district. not that they're working properly, but basically there are not enough of them. the polls here in d.c. will remain open until 8:00, and he's the rule. if you are in line at 8:00, they're going to let you flow through and make sure that you do get to vote. so, if you're in line at 8:00, you will be able to come through. as you were saying, there is a couple of questions on the ballot. having to do with ethics reform here in d.c. also, four ward council societies are up for grabs as well as two at-large seats. the two at-large seats are really what folks are looking at and the council chairman s
Nov 22, 2012 9:00am PST
, well, houston, we have a problem here. that i think is the real dilemma, and ar away damon said one other interesting thing. there's no instinct here. this is not about israeli-palestinian peace now. this is about a longer range truce or a cessation of hoggsilitys, and we'll have to see as the months go on where the chips fall on this one. >> thanks. always a pleasure. >> pleasure. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you too. >>> here's more of what we're working on this hour in the newsroom international. it's a major diplomat edge win for hillary clinton as well, but will it be her last as u.s. secretary of state? we'll get a live report from the white house. >>> and while the rest of us are celebrating the holiday, we're remembering our service men and women who are on the job and away from their families this thanksgiving. >> hi. i'm master of arms second class alexandra lewis in bagram, afghanistan. i want to say happy thanksgiving to my son, terroristan, and all my friends and family in lubbock, texas. thank you to my brother for the support. i couldn't have done it w
Nov 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
is not as clear-cut he kicked houston player in the growing. the question of weather or not was this intentional. one of the dirtiest players of the year. she is possibly facing suspensions, funds. >> stanford at ucla in the are in the pac 12 if they have a victory. 14 games and lsu at arkansas. the quarterback throws the touchdown pass to jarvis landry. making that one hand catch of take a look at that it the and is selling. and l a s u.n.'s 20-13. we will take you out with information from the hockey fans. some of the best information will be the san francisco bulls. the and h l is on the brinks. take a third of the season's is cancelled even set for january 20th 07. >> have a great night.
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
an embarassing loss in houston with a divisional win. they were firing on all cylinders, with an opening drive touchdown with ray rice. quite a pass, beautifully placed. the browns battled back with dawson's foot, taking a 15-14 lead in the fourth quarter, but the offense rallied with 11 points to beat the browns 25-15. in consumer alert, getting yourself somewhere won't be cheap. says holiday prices will jump depending on the route. if you plan on flying thanksgiving, book your flight now. the best time is before november 15. black friday is still weeks away but you don't have to wait for them toget goo get good deals. how to save money all month long. >> seasonal sales are good -- candy corn tastes the same without a bit out of your wallet. >> and you can find this candy you may need for the next holiday. >> we do a deal on the coating chocolates, and we offer great sales of 10, 20, 30%. >> offering discounts on items in high demand can be a no- brainer. stores know you are likely in the market and want to lure you to their location. >> cookwear is often featuresd id in sales
Nov 11, 2012 10:00pm EST
the suspects. fox 5's karen gray houston is in the newsroom with the latest on this story. >> it was a frightening encounter for the clerk at that 7-eleven on kenmore avenue. he was roughed up by the two suspects but fortunately not seriously hurt. police want you to take a good look at this surveillance video to see if you recognize either of the two men who tried to rob that store. >> on tuesday, october 30th, at 3:17 a.m. two suspects entered the business. >> there's added drama to the surveillance video on the official alexandria police website. >> one of them jumped over the counter while the other one went around the counter and grabbed the clerk. that suspect displayed a handgun and held the clerk while the other suspect went for the cash register. >> they've added narration so the public knows exactly what is going on. police say this incident is serious because the armed robbers may have committed other robberies in the region. >> there's been a few in this area and my understanding is that in fairfax county has well there's been a couple similar in nature. >> we
Nov 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
into this game. let's go out to bethesda where karen gray houston is standing by. >> reporter: we spent a lot of time at sports bars on redskins sundays just to check out the pulse of the fans. today we are live at black fin restaurant in bethesda where the fans are hard core. look about every other person has on a redskins jersey. and you know they are loyal when the team is 3-6 heading into a must win game. >> rgiii baby. >> it's what's the city has beenwaiting for. >> reporter: the fans were thrilled to see robert griffin iii work his magic. >> redskins. oh. >> rgiii is the only way to get anywhere. >> reporter: four touchdown pass for griffin after a bye week and players withk recharge the batteries or let their guard down. >> we have two weeks of rest and everybody came out and ready to play. that's what we needed a bye week and they put on a strong show. >> reporter: a strong show with foyle leading to the eagles and vick sidelineed from a con cushion. this -- they lost 8 consecutive games against rookie quarterbacks was 8 snuff. >> it's enough. we had to break the cycle sometime. >> re
Nov 18, 2012 11:30pm PST
at the refinery is set for tomorrow morning in san francisco. >>> the head of a houston based energy company who's oil platform in the gulf of mexico exploded last week today spoke publicly about the two workers killed in that blast. the explosion happened friday at a black elk energy platform. 11 people were injured. four seriously. two workers jumped from the burning rig in the water. one of the bodies was located yesterday. >> i'm deeply saddened to say that we have identified one body under the platform. that body has not been recovered yet. we're working in coordination with the u.s. coast guard so that we can respectfully and most efficiently recover the body. >> that ceo today vowed to continue severalling for the second -- continue searching for the second worker's body. >>> larksburg native laporte- oshiro is receiving a scholarship to oxford. >>> ktvu's ken pritchett reports this year there's a new twist. referee: - - >> this year the cones have moved from the left to right. but not everything has changed. the turkey counter reu mains. >> everything is smaller, we have no storage -- t
Nov 22, 2012 8:00pm PST
, 80-miles east of houston. an estimated 100 vehicles were involved. two people in an s.u.v. died. 120 are injured and more than 50 people were taken to area hospitals. you can see how large of the area that accident site is. people say there were extremely dense fog at the time of the accident. vehicles were on top of each other, a chained reaction accident. the people that passed away were hit from behind in their by a tractor-trailer. eastbound lanes were closed for more than eight hours today. grant lodus -- krons with 4 news. >> >> temperatures on the mild side, 66 in santa rosa. 63 for san francisco. and the upper 60s in redwood city. mid-60s for concorde. upper 60s in fairfield this afternoon. looking outside from the bay bridge toll plaza, clear skies this evening. meaning chilly conditions throughout the overnight hours, temperatures are already getting down there. 48 in nevada, right now, 47 in santa rosa. 47 in vallejo as well. a lot of places in the 40s. widespread 40s, even some 30s, take a look at your morning low temperature. crank up the heat if you are in santa rosa or
Oct 31, 2012 9:30pm PDT
or share your perspective on. >> thank you. first of all, our going to houston is very historical. by the fact in the past only the port would go. but this time the port went and the iow, and i tell you, the customers it was a different approach. we were there working together [inaudible]. and the secretary treasurer, i'm also on the port commission. and we met with different customers. in fact, our biggest customer that goes into pier 80, they're building 10 new ships at $50 million a ship. and they have tried to corner the market. what they're saying is we want to bring double the amount of cargo going into pier 80. we need a good reliable work force. the port and iow have a good working relationship. we have the best working class workers coming from the iow to get the ships in and out, safe and productive. but also to, we said we want to partnership with you. we need to get together every three months. we need to meet. we want to bring more cargo to the port of san francisco, it's a maritime port. we realize that. and i just want to say a special thank you to peter daly and ji
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